Communication Gateways

KWE has developed various gateways, these are devices that convert between a number of communication protocols. Our gateways fall under the Versatronik® product family. The name is then proceeded by the protocol titles it converts between.

Our gateways have been designed to integrate several non-standard protocols into your Building management system. Whether it be BACnet, LONworks, or other common protocols.


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These gateways share information between OT systems and boilers. They can read and control the information flow.


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Solar Controls

These gateways allow information to be read from Resol's and Viessmann's solar controls to LONWORKS® or BACnet IP systems.


Viessmann NR2

Viessmann NR2

These gateways allow Viessmann NR2 controls to remain operational in autobinding mode, while providing to BAS, BMS/DDC systems. Available in both LONWORKS® or BACnet IP.