Versatronik® 150

The Versatronik 150 Small System Control provides outdoor reset operation for systems with and without mixing valves.


  • Full metal enclosure with powder coated lid
  • Large muti-line backlight illuminated LCD screen providing system information and user adjustment
  • Four button user interface providing ease-of-control navigation
  • Bottom of control housing has typical knockouts providing flexible cable management
  • All input terminals are screw type to ensure secure connection
  • All 120VAC terminations provide ease-of-connection for either solid wire or stranded
  • Fuses are easily replaceable ensuring service ability
  • Standard power cord allows easy powering from outlet
Versatronik 200


DHW production is a standard control function for the 150. Boiler protection is accomplished by maintaining a minimum boiler temp and if a valve is installed, it will modulate the valve to elevate the return temperature. The Versatronik 150 utilizes OpenTherm to communicate with a Como room thermostat for added functionality with respect to mixing valve operation.

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