Versatronik® 20

Zone Pump Control

The Versatronik® 20 Pump Control is an easy-to-install hydronic heating solution with all the features you're looking for.


Versatronik Zone controls can be daisy-chained to as many zones as you require. One will act as a master, this one has domestic hot water functionality as well. The others will behave as slaves and control 4 zones each.

electronics, inside of enclosure
White flat enclosure with 5 led light holes


  • Full metal enclosure, powder coated cover
  • 5 Indicator lights easily visible from front
  • All input terminals are screw-type
  • Easy to remove knockouts for Input and Output cabling
  • Standard 120V AC power cord included

Selectable Features

Features can be enabled/disabled by dipswitch

  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Post Purge of DHW-pump, carries excess heat away (1 / 2 minutes)
  • DHW override after prolonged/continous use (1 / 0.5 hours)
  • Daily pump exercising (10 / 20 seconds)

Overview Specifications Documentation


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