Versatronik® 300

The Versatronik 300 is a control capable of cascading up to 16 LON Enabled Viessmann boilers.


  • Outdoor Reset
  • 0-10VDC Input (setpoint)
  • Heat Demand (dry contact)
  • Enable/Disable Contact
  • Relay Tests
  • Auxiliary Boiler Enable
  • Metric or English Units


The Versatronik 300 connect up to 16 Viessmann boilers using CAT5 Ethernet cable. After some basic configuration settings, such as number of boilers and sensor options, the control will begin cascading your boilers.

Versatronik 300


This control has been designed for minimal configuration:

  • Set number of boilers.
  • Set sensors.
  • Set boiler programming.

Overview Specifications Documentation


  • Up to 16 Viesmann LON enabled boilers
  • Stages boilers based on average modulation and common loop temps
  • Rotation of boilers ensures equal runtimes
  • Individual boiler eco-lock (temperature based shutoff)


  • S1 Outdoor (5K)
  • S2 Supply Sensor (10K)
  • S3 Return Sensor (10K)
  • INT Interlock connection for AUX equipment
  • AUX external call for heat or 0-10V signal


  • Common Supply Pump (120V)
  • AUX can call demand for extra equipment (120V)
  • Fault output signal (120V)

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