Panel Features

What Goes into a Panel?

A panel can be as elaborate as you need it to be. What goes inside a panel is determined by what it is intended to control and/or monitor.

Panel Door

The door will contain illuminated LED switches to control various pumps and systems manually or automatically.

Additionally, many panels will have system controls, or touch screen interfaces built directly into the panel door. This way everything can be programmed and monitored from the outside of the panel.


All wiring is carefully labeled and routed throughout the panel's wiring ducts. We use high-grade, insulated copper wiring and each one is properly outfitted with a connector or ferrule.

All wiring going in and out of the panel is fed through strain-relief connectors and connect to a terminal block on the inside.


Apart from transformers, relays, and timers, we also install many types of smart electronics. Devices like PLCs, boiler controls, VFDs and digital input/output modules.

We can provide the programming for PLCs upon request.

Electronics inside panel
Panel with various control knobs and screens

Typical System Selections

Space Heating

  • Mixing Valve Control
  • Fan Coil
  • Zoning with Pumps and/or Valves

Pool & Spa

  • Set Point Control

Domestic Hot Water

  • Multiple Temperature Storage
  • Zone Valve Control
  • Set Point Control

Snow Melt

  • Snow and Ice Sensor
  • Driveway, Walkway, Patio


  • Single/Double Tank
  • DHW, Pool, Space Heating

Pump Control

  • System Pump Control