Eurolyzer STx

Eurolyzer STx    NEW! 

New to the North American market, the newly released Eurolyzer STx flue gas analyzer is the most versatile and advanced measuring instrument on the market.

More than a flue gas analyzer, the Eurolyzer STx is expandable to measure pressure, temperature, humidity, flow rate, air quality, gas leak and more. It connects easily to PCs, printers and mobile apps right from the box for easy data transfer.

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  • Starter Set - O2, CO/H2, P
    • $2,899 CAD (Approx $2,199 USD)
  • Pro Set - O2, CO/H2, P-diff
  • Connector set f. series 4600T and S2600
    • $2,999 CAD (Approx 2,299 USD)
  • Starter Set NOx - O2, CO/H2, NO
  • Flue Gas Probe AL, 1-Ther
    • $3,399 CAD (Approx $2,599 USD)
  • Pro Set NOx - O2, CO/H2, NO, P-diff
    • $3,899 CAD (Approx $2,999 USD)

All kits include:

  • Eurolyzer STx flue gas analyzer
  • Rugged, hard shell case
  • Modular probe system with:
    • Base handle
    • 12" Interchangeable probe
    • 5 x Infiltec fine filters
    • 5x Teflon fiber membranes
  • Ambient air temperature sensor
  • Data cable, MicroSD and card reader
  • AC power supply
  • Spare Parts Set


With its intuitive design and powerful connectivity via Bluetooth®, the Eurolyzer STx connects to your other devices for easy data transfer, while the intuitive touch pad and large colour display makes navigation and operation quick and easy.


With the CAPBs® series, you can quickly expand your Eurolyzer STx to take measurements in a variety of applications. These modular sensor tools simply connect to the base handle included in the Eurolyzer STx package. Plus, data captured by the CAPBs® is easily transferred with Bluetooth® connectivity.

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  • The most advanced and versatile measuring instrument on the market
  • Instantly expandable with modular CAPBs® sensors for use in a variety of applications
  • Smart Bluetooth® connectivity built-in for easy data transfer to PCs, mobile devices and printers
  • MicroSD card for system-independent measurement log storage and fast user updates
  • Measurement logs as QR codes for smart phones, tablets and management software.
  • Powerful, lead-free O2 sensor delivers rapid response times while maintaining a long service life
  • Analyses liquid and gaseous fuels, measuring O2, CO2, NO, pressure and temperature
  • H2-compensated CO cell has an extended range up to 10,000 ppm
  • Intuitive, touch pad operation with large True Colour TFT screen
  • Fully automatic device and sensor check during program start
  • Made for multitasking, users can measure, navigate, charge and evaluate measurement results at the same time
  • Lightweight device with ergonomic design and robust protective sleeve and integrated magnets
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery for up to 12 hours of operation

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Easy to use interface.
Rugged carrying case for the Eurolyzer and accesories.